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The virtual state of Freeland is the same state as any other existing one, whether recognized or not. The global difference is that it is organized on a newly-discovered territory: in the infosphere. There is no logical reason to deny that this territory exists. There is no reason to deny that social and economic relations between people can technically be built in it according to different rules than ever before.


Freeland is a game, a reality, and a business altogether. The unpredictable result and outcome of this experiment corresponds to the game aspect. For many centuries humanity could only dream about such an experiment, but it is us who are lucky enough to implement it. Modern technologies — able-to-get Internet, blockchain, crypto-currency — support the launch of an extra-territorial state with all the elements of a full-scale and efficient society.

Freeland is a reality. Since it has become obvious that the modus operandi of state jurisdiction and management tend to become less and less efficient, the external signs of national identity (territory, language, currency, emblem, anthem, legal system and other out-of-date indicators) have lost their relevance and the society is ready for new means of social interaction, such means need to be introduced. It is impossible to write them from scratch since no one can guess the vector of the social evolution – and no one ever had. The only way to form new social standards is carry out an experiment where the society shall play the role of the researcher and the underdog at the same time.

Freeland is a potential business for every MFC-owner. We are totally aware that the promotion of Freeland idea shall attract loads of attention from the world community. We do not offer any new philosophy, we just claim that it is the right moment to launch an Ideal Democracy and we are ready to create tools for its implementation. Isn’t just society something that each one of us needs? A big number of participants will in its turn lead to MFC value escalation.

Manifesto of Freeland


The modus operandi of most jurisdictions today is in a state of harsh crisis or even stagnation. Change is unlikely since all those systems are too rigid. However, the world around us is changing rapidly. Our idea is as simple: to create our own virtual jurisdiction with a totally new society and up-to-date means of management and control. In the long run, we could even get rid of this stagnant system throughout the whole planet and create a new one called Freeland.

The aforementioned idea has been occupying the minds of the best sophists for centuries but was technically chimerical. Any jurisdiction is run by the most ancient and inefficient tool ever – people. The only operating link between them is absolute subordination which entails corruption and crisis. Nowadays, the total failure of such a system has proven itself: most innovative technological solutions in all branches of activity are being generated outside of state control (EVs, drones, alternate network protocols, blockchain technology, crypto-currency, car-sharing, crowdfunding, social networks, just to mention a few).

Change is only possible if a new form of e-agreement is introduced for everyone, the so-called Public Agreement. The idea of such a treaty has been floating around for a while, however, it was technically impossible to implement it before. We are creating a virtual jurisdiction outside the bounds of existing jurisdictions but with the prospect of possible interaction with them. Therefore, in due course we will have to change the status of the virtual jurisdiction so it becomes a territorial one in the framework of the current international law.


Section 1. Basic Guidelines

  1. Virtual State of Freeland is a democratic state created within the territory of the informational space (infosphere). Freeland and the Virtual State of Freeland are two equivalent names.
  2. Principles of Freeland state structure shut out unconditional and mandatory subjection to the claims of the government.
  3. Freeland acknowledges the exclusive right of each and every individual on his intellectual abilities and self-identification as a property not subject to any encumbrances.
  4. An individual as a personality possessing freedom, property and rights which do not violate anyone else’s freedom and rights is the major value protected by Freeland.
  5. The goal of Freeland is to lay the groundwork for the maximum synergy of all types of freedom: freedom of speech, freedom of self-identification, freedom of belief, freedom of travel, freedom from captivity or slavery (including ideological and spiritual), freedom of thought and conscience, as well as the privacy right in terms of personal life and territory.
  6. Launch and development of social and informational systems protecting the freedom of the citizens is the mission of Freeland.
  7. Salutemia of Freeland is the document of ultimate and uppermost state significance.
  8. The right of direct personal influence on decision-making via personal will expression or by means of a vote is the supreme right of a Freeland citizen.
  9. The Virtual State of Freeland:
    1. does not lay any claims on the territorial identity of any other states;
    2. uses only crypto-currencies as state financial tools;
    3. does not constitute a public joint-stock company;
    4. does not violate international rights of an individual.
  10. Citizens of the Virtual State of Freeland are the major source of power inside the state. Freeland citizens can execute their power at first hand and/ or via public authorities elected by them.
  11. All supreme posts in Freeland are elective and do not have a maturity date. Re-election shall be executed by request of simple majority of Freeland citizens at any moment in time by means of declaration of a no-confidence vote to an executive or in case of his resignation.
  12. A citizen of Freeland does not have the right to hold more than one position in the executive team of the Virtual State of Freeland.
  13. Freeland citizenship can be granted to any individual who adheres to Freeland values and complies with the laws stated in this Salutemia.
  14. Freeland citizenship is of a particular nature and does not constitute a second or a third citizenship in the general understanding of these notions. Acquisition of Freeland citizenship by a citizen of a different jurisdiction, whether territorial or extra-territorial (virtual), does not go in conflict with other citizenships and does not require its newly-baked citizen to renounce his prior citizenship(s).
  15. Life-long termination of Freeland citizenship is the supreme penalty of the virtual state and shall only be considered valid pursuant to the court order.
  16. Other decisions in the Virtual State of Freeland shall be rendered by its citizens based on the voting by qualified majority.

Section 2. Authorities

The following bodies maintain control over the Virtual State of Freeland:

    1. President (arbitrator of all the authority branches and the major public figure of Freeland; has the veto power in terms of legislation);
    2. Senate (supreme body of legislative power, 11 members);
    3. Prime Minister (body of executive power, head of the Government);
    4. Government (body of executive power, 5 individuals):
      1. Magistrate of External Policy
      2. Magistrate of Internal Policy
      3. Magistrate of Digital Security
      4. Magistrate of Education, Culture and Social Projects
      5. Magistrate of Philosophy and Science
      6. Magistrate of Economic Policy
    5. Community Tribunes (body of executive power, initiative self-nominees, 5 members);
    6. Censor (individual supervising the verdicts of the Senate);
    7. Senators (senior statesmen of Freeland, appointed by the Censor, 5 members);
    8. Supreme Court of Freeland (body of judiciary power, 3 to 5 members, elected by Freeland citizens by means of voting).
Manifesto of Freeland




Recognizable animation producer. The driving power behind such iconic project as Mr. Freeman, MFCoin crypto and the virtual state of Freeland. In 2008 Pavel founded in Russia a full-cycle animation studio Toonbox, in 2014 re-located in Cyprus, where he serves as a producer, CEO, creative engine and a writer. Author of different articles about computer addiction including “The influence of the Internet on human development as a psychological problem” and others.



Conceptual Mentor and CEO of “Digital Order”. Evangelist of the virtual state of Freeland. For over 15 years the head manager of the “turquoise company” he created, which deals with software development, P2P systems, network protocols, VPN and VNN solutions.



In 2004, graduated from a university with majors in finance, banking and engineering (programming). In 2003, started his professional career as a banking specialist and has gone a long way from an economist and a loan officer to the leading positions as a deputy director and a legal advisor for chairman of the board. Managed the implementation of modern payment systems, financial records and billing. In 2012, started a number of cryptocurrency projects.



MSc in Economics, Finance Academy under the Government of the Russian Federation. Entrepreneur with over 16 years of experience in the payment services and banking industries. Chief Executive Officer, Qiwi Group, the leading provider of next generation payment services in Russia and the CIS with turnover exceeding $10 billion. Executive, ITbillion and iTech Advisors. Director, OJSC United Art Tickets.



Illustrator, animation director, animator, and comic book author. The author of dozens of worlds and universes. With more than 20-years of experience creating content for kids, teens and adults, Vladimir’s unique talents and vision guarantee Freeland originality and resiliency in the forefront.




Advocate, member of the Council for entrepreneurship development at the President of the Republic of Belarus, member of the Council for digital economy development, arbitrator of the International Centre for Dispute Resolution at the Economic Court of the Commonwealth of Independent States. Acted as an advisory group leader (World Bank side) within the World Bank project named “Belarus: assistance in development of the securities market after the financial sector has been assessed”. Advising “Falcon” Investment Fund of Qatar Armed Forces, Microsoft, McDonald’s, British-American Tobacco, HARIBO, etc.



Founder of GVA Capital. GVA was founded to help great startup founders succeed on a global scale through the smart approach to venture capital investments, business development, crypto crowd sales (ICO), networking and fun. Current business priorities include: artificial intelligence applied across practical verticals (CRM, HR, analytics, SCM, etc.) as well as industries (financial services, transportation, media and advertising, telecom); crypto currencies and blockchain. Rebuilding the new global distributed financial system; distributed computing, quantum computing; self-driving transportation and components for them.



Graduated from Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics, with a degree in Engineering. His fields of expertise during his studies included programming, information technology, protection frames of communication channels, and information protection frames. Peter is the CEO of Exness Limited, and is involved in all functions of the Exness Group, including strategic planning, recruitment of new employees, introduction of new services, and quality control at all stages.








Become a citizen



Creation and execution of financial tools and products with brand new spectrum in a legit and user-friendly jurisdiction.


Open exploitation of all Freeland informational perks including smart- contract execution tools.


Acquisition of a consultative voice in the process of legislation and charter buildup.


Resources for high capitalization of personal assets invested in the financial system of the new jurisdiction.


Participation in the state financial system buildup with a right to make decisions within financial leverage bodies.


Participation in a user-friendly jurisdiction buildup for the personal existing business.


Participation in the initiative with huge resources.


Lobbying potential in reclaiming a new market niche in a new jurisdiction without any corruptive or anti-ethical ways.


Freeland at the Blockchain Congress 2019 in Vienna

Pavel Muntyan, one of the founders of the Virtual State of Freeland and author of Mr. Freeman project will take part in the Blockchain Congress in Vienna (Austria) on February 28 - March 2, 2019. Apart from the live presentation, those willing will have a chance to ask any questions concerning Mr. Freeman and any projects linked to Freeland, MFCoin and MFBox in person. Facebook link:

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New Freeland Appointments

Joe Seunghyun Cho We are happy to announce that Joe Seunghyun Cho, the founder of Marvelstone Group in Singapore and the creator of LATTICE80, was elected as one of Freeland Senators by the majority of votes (94,87%). LATTICE80 is one of the largest fintech hubs in the world which includes blockchain start-ups and KAYA projects.   Peter Korolev There is also a new appointment for the Magistrate of Digital Security: Peter Korolev (90% of votes) who is a professional in the domain of browser security architectural solutions, encryption systems, bank mobile apps and audit check of digital security. Peter is [...]

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MFCoin. Ugly Black Duckling. First Crypto-Iron in the World.

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The governmental structure of Virtual State of Freeland

The following bodies maintain control over the Virtual State of Freeland: President (arbitrator of all the authority branches and the major public figure of Freeland; has the veto power in terms of legislation); Senate (supreme body of legislative power, 11 members); Prime Minister (body of executive power, head of the Government); Government (body of executive power, 5 individuals): Magistrate of External Policy Magistrate of Internal Policy Magistrate of Digital Security Magistrate of Education, Culture and Social Projects Magistrate of Economic Policy Community Tribunes (body of executive power, initiative self-nominees, 5 members); Censor (individual supervising the verdicts of the Senate); Senators [...]

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Salutemia of Freeland

We are happy to announce that the draft of Salutemia, the document of ultimate and uppermost state significance, has been finalized. The document consists of two sections (Basic Guidelines and Authorities) which were compiled jointly by the citizens of a newly-formed Freeland state currently shaping up in the virtual space. Clause №5 reads: “The goal of Freeland is to lay the groundwork for the maximum synergy of all types of freedom: freedom of speech, freedom of self-identification, freedom of belief, freedom of travel, freedom from captivity or slavery (including ideological and spiritual), freedom of thought and conscience, as well as the privacy right in terms [...]

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Freeland to Become First Virtual State to Join UN, MFCoin Doomed to Success: Stand a Chance?

Let’s start with a spoiler right away, shall we? We do build this virtual state and its crypto-economy based on the laws and principles of an animated series for kids. This is not a provocation. Such a statement may not attract reputable investors and traders but can definitely help find like-minders. Funny as it may seem, this approach is 100% true and is the key success factor of our project. Our development strategy has not been clearly outlined straight from the beginning. The virtual state of Freeland was initially quite an abstract idea but it dawned in Toonbox animation studio [...]

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