The governmental structure of Virtual State of Freeland

The following bodies maintain control over the Virtual State of Freeland:

  1. President (arbitrator of all the authority branches and the major public figure of Freeland; has the veto power in terms of legislation);
  2. Senate (supreme body of legislative power, 11 members);
  3. Prime Minister (body of executive power, head of the Government);
  4. Government (body of executive power, 5 individuals):
    1. Magistrate of External Policy
    2. Magistrate of Internal Policy
    3. Magistrate of Digital Security
    4. Magistrate of Education, Culture and Social Projects
    5. Magistrate of Economic Policy
  5. Community Tribunes (body of executive power, initiative self-nominees, 5 members);
  6. Censor (individual supervising the verdicts of the Senate);
  7. Senators (senior statesmen of Freeland, appointed by the Censor, 5 members);
  8. Supreme Court of Freeland (body of judiciary power, 3 to 5 members, elected by Freeland citizens by means of voting).
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