Sergey Solonin and The Virtual State of Freeland

Russian entrepreneur and investor Sergey Solonin invested assets into MFC Ltd., the mother company of the Virtual State of Freeland, and MFCoin crypto-currency. The virtual state project was initially presented by the notorious digital media speaker Mr. Freeman and his founder Pavel Muntyan during TEDx 2018 and Hi-Tech Nation 2018 in Minsk.

Crypto-currency universe, blockchain technology, Mr. Freeman project and the Virtual State of Freeland have one major thing in common: they try to implement an alternative point of view on routine events and social models.

For example, Mr. Freeman was created based on pure enthusiasm only, without attracting any outer financing. Record shows, successful dialogue with grown-up audience of the newly-baked community without any promo monetization and based on the principle of anonymity is more than realistic.

In summer 2017, a totally new and grand-scale social experiment was launched from scratch. The Virtual State of Freeland is targeted at figuring out new and technologically modern models of social and financial interaction in between individuals while sticking to the self-management system.

Founders of Freeland claim that all the existing state models fall behind the maturity degree of mankind and that new mechanisms of social interaction will inevitably be created. Current online tools can solve social problems that stayed unsolved for centuries. And they still remain highly relevant and acute!

In November 2017, Sergey Solonin launched a social restaurant project which transfers all the revenues to the upgrade of urban environment and infrastructure. Sergey’s active participation in the social sphere provides for the development of social business and management models which goes in line with the ideas of Freeland.

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