FAQ about Freeland Passport

Паспорт Виртуального государства Фриленд

What is it?

It is a document that verifies the identity of its owner, just like any other passport or ID does.

If Freeland is a state in the virtul (informational) space, then why do its citizens need a material means of identification?

Freeland passports identify their holders living in the material space except for John Lennon’s passport which was executed for demonstration purposes only. Freeland passport is meant to combine the data about the owner both in the informational space and our everyday life, as much as it is possible.

Why do I need this passport if I have a number of other identification means?

One of the major differences of a Freeland passport from its analogues is that it verifies the identity of its owner in a totally different way. The main principle of Freeland accounting system is the belief that each individual’s personal data is his sole ownership. If he agrees to share this information with anyone else, he has the right to know who will get access to this information and on what conditions. He also has the right to deny such access if it violates his rights. The fact of the issuance of the passport is available to the public since it is recorded in Freeland blockchain. This passport is a means of voluntary self-identification and all the data within this document is publicly available. Any potential owner of such passport should fully realise the above-mentioned facts while executing the passport. However, the passport holder has the right to add any data to the existing one, verify this new data inside Freeland and manage it as his own discretion and behind closed doors.

This passport is a must if you are ready and eager to be part of Freeland data system build-up in regards to the outer world on the principle of mutual exposure and to manage the access to your personal data.

Do Freeland passport holders have any benefits either now or in times to come?

The virtual state of Freeland is based on the principles of maximum informational exposure. Therefore, this question requires an honest answer. Practical benefit of this document now, in 2018, equals the benefit of a personal e-mail account (user@example.com type) in 1990, roughly speaking. Way back, 28 years ago it could have been launched for a fee and could not be used for free and on an everyday basis, unlike now. However, Freeland passport is a material object existing in the now, unlike the e-mail address from back then.

Freeland infrastructure is in the process of constant development. This process is progressive and gradual as well as based on the principles of mutual trust. The founders of this project do not attract funds on public ICO markets on purpose, since they are not building up a certain business model, but implementing a social, economic and humane project. Of course, it includes business projects which establish the framework for economic growth and Freeland steadiness as a state.

Freeland passport in the future will become a document which is needed for smart contract execution (since the record about its launch, issuance and receipt is available now, the level of trust towards its owner in the internal community will keep rising through the years), any other deals executed within the blockchain and requiring material confirmation of the parties’ identities, settlement of property disputes and digital assets succession.

Could you please explain it plain and simple, no pathetics and fanfare needed?

Okay, let’s say, you order two pizzas via a mobile app. Information about the order and its price is available to:

  • the owner of the pizza place
  • your bank
  • the owner (and most likely, the developer) of your mobile app
  • the owner of the payment system linked to your bank card (most likely, Google or Apple)
  • other subjects in need of this data.

Why do you have to inform all the above-mentioned individuals about a simple pizza purchase? They will all have access to the following data (even without your consent):

  • your name
  • your phone number
  • your passport details
  • your e-mail address
  • your location
  • your online activity history
  • other information including photos from the latest party you attended.

No wonder, you start receiving that much unnecessary ads from various sources straight after your order was placed.

Now, let’s have a look at how such order appears in Freeland infrastructural projects. For example, you identify yourself as: Ms75GyjsKcTJR92czDwZ4CUnBj8B6c5LR9 (that’s the way your blockchain address linked to your Freeland passport can look like). This will be the only information all the pizza purchase connected guys will know about you! Oh well, they will also see the delivery address, payment status and the transaction ID (which looks like this: a45378af2f37eae3a75e6a5838b7ea35fd58cdf152d63f65b91dc1cc910d5dbf). If someone needs these private details of yours, he can register and gain access to your open public data. You will also be notified if someone does manifest interest to your personal details since this interest will be registered in the blockchain.

Who trusts this document at this point of time already?

We can claim that around 3 to 4 thousand individuals all over the planet do trust Freeland passport. This amount equals to the population of several micro-states recognized by the global community. Do other jurisdictions trust Freeland passport? Now, they do not, at least at this point of time. However, we would like to remind that jurisdictions are not independent subjects of social relationship. They are just a form of relationship in between people. We consider 1 000 000 individuals accepting the relevance of Freeland passport to be the critical majority which makes this document impossible to ignore (equals to the population of small EU countries).

Is it a true and valid document?

Absolutely. If you can wet ink a receipt or execute an agreement which will be considered valid in most of the world’s jurisdictions, then why you doubt that a hi-tech product created by the aid of the most modern IT-technologies ever, as well as latest polygraphic and cryptographic trends, is not real? Moreover, usually current valid passports in nowadays jurisdictions have been verified by one officer only. Freeland passport has been verified by the signatures of thousands MFC blockchain participants.

Which states can be entered without a visa by a holder of a Freeland passport?

We do not have this information as of now. Once the precedents do happen, we will form a list of jurisdictions that can be entered with just a Freeland passport on hand. We also plan to hold negotiations with the Foreign Ministries of various countries about a no-visa entry for Freeland passport holders. This is also part of our experiment: border opening of extra-territorial state citizens is a huge step into the future.

Why is a Freeland passport so expensive (I mean, USD 17 000, really?)…?

When Freeland was just in its project stage, we decided not to enter the ICOs or raise money from the hot market but launch everything on our own account. However, as time went by, it became clear that our own resources are not enough so solve such major issues, Freeland passport acquisition is a co-financing deal for the project which helps to support the virtual state and all its developments.

As for the price. Since there is a chance to build up personal relationship with each Freeland representative with the passport (high price of the passport limits the number of those craving for it), we are more than sure that this passport will not end up in the hands of an ill-wisher or a foe. All Freeland passport holders will now start building up relationship with various jurisdictions and that’s quite a complicated matter and hell of a responsibility. Such relationship is a step to Freeland judicial status. Maybe Freeland passport is the first step for virtual states to acquire acknowledgement in the modern world.

We do not plan to play down the price of the passport until its status is fully acknowledged in the international arena. Until then, absolute responsibility for each and every Freeland citizen who holds Freeland passport will be the responsibility of the project founders.

How and where can I get a Freeland passport?

It is super easy. You can pay the passport fee by MFC, BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC and BTG cryptocurrencies, as well as a wire transfer to a bank account. For more information please contact Pavel Muntyan via Telegram messenger (@PavelMuntyan). Passports are being printed by packages of 9 items. We will need certain personal details for the personal page layout: name and surname in Latin symbols, gender, birth country, birth date, colored photo (Schengen or U. S. visa type photo in a digital format) and a scan-copy of your signature.

Attention! Despite the high price of the passport, we have the right to deny the payment and the issuance of the document without any further explanations.

What is the counterfeit protection level?

Details of each passport are recorded in the blockchain. Profile access for each passport is granted via a QR-code placed in the name page. There is a public blockchain placement key for the holder’s account under the holder’s photo. You can have a look at the only demonstrational Freeland passport of John Lennon from The Beatles (who is not a Freeland citizen, obviously) here: https://profile.mfcoin.net/passport/255961b0-9bb6-11e8-a0e6-67e9f101c4e6

Профайл демонстрационного паспорта на имя Джона Леннона

The security thread contains:

  • Freeland logo (with a size of 133х250 micrometers only);
  • area for the hidden multi-gradient Freeland logo image;

Процесс чтения скрытого многоградиентного изображения логотипа Фриленда

  • high-definition lines with kinematic effect;
  • nano letters with the number of the first block of MFCoin, Freeland crypto-currency;
  • micro inscription SECURITY 5 micrometers high.

Защитные элементы голографической ленты паспорта Фриленда

Each page contains portraits of great people who changed the course of mankind according to Freeland founders. The portraits were created by David Malan, handworked and turned into color prints.

Один из разворотов паспорта Фриленда

Some of the pages contain AR marks (those are the pages with Leonardo Da Vinci, Coco Chanel, Charlie Chaplin, Yury Knorozov, Satoshi Nakamoro, Ada Lovelace).

Один из объектов дополненной реальности паспорта Фриленда

Each page has a unique thematic UV glow which depends on the portrait depicted on the page.

Фотография с экрана: пример считывания страницы с портретом А. Флеминга

Each page also has an infra-red (IR) glow which accentuates certain graphic elements of the passport.

Элементы ИК подсветки паспорта Фриленда

All pages are burned through with a laser (a unique passport number is being reflected on all the pages).

Прожигание номера паспорта сквозь все страницы, включая индивидуальную

All pages have unique watermarks.

Водяные знаки паспорта Фриленда

Small fibres with a bright double-color glow while in the UV light are embedded in the paper.

Ворсинки, вплетенные в бумагу, при дневном освещении имеют красный оттенок

The thread which is used to sew the passport together has its own UV glow and was produced in Switzerland according to a unique technology.

Линия сшивания паспорта Фриленда специальной нитью

All the images inside the passport are being created by means of layering three unique grids which create an effect of a single complicated ornament.

Графические сетки, создающие уникальное графическое решение

The cover of the passport is made out of special leather and the image is coated with silver.

Обложка паспортов Фриленда

Each passport has a machine-readable zone (MRZ) which is in full compliance with all international standards.

MRZ и персональные данные демонстрационного паспорта на имя Джона Леннона

A microchip for the NFC reading in accordance with the international ICAO standard is embedded in the cover of the passport.

Сравнение данных MRZ и RFID-чипа

Passport number and the unique number of a Freeland citizen who is its passport holder are being checked by means of hashing of the certain data which totally rules out the chance of counterfeit.

Each passport page contains two puzzles of Freeman’s mosaics that can be found in the episodes of the series (one puzzle in each episode).

Пример кусочка пазла из серий Mr. Freeman

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