A new Magistrate of Freeland External Policy

A new Magistrate of Freeland External Policy was elected by means of a public vote. Please meet Boris Ryabov!

Quick Info

  • Deputy CEO in terms of strategy in 36,6 pharmacy chain (2004 — 2008)
  • Investment Director in RU-COM (February 2008 — October 2009)
  • Founder of an independent venture company Bright Capital (2010)
  • Managing Partner at Bright Capital (ATM).

Performance as Magistrate of External Policy

By request of the Freeland community we hereby publish a list of objectives the newly-elected Magistrate will be in charge of in terms of external networking for the purposes of Freeland:

  • building diplomatic relationship with territorial and extra-territorial states;
  • building relationship with financial institutes (banks, KYC-services, social and financial services) for the purposes of recognition of Freeland passport as an official ID;
  • creation of Freeland positive image on the global arena.
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